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How to move your SQL Database to Azure

Move your database into Windows Azure i 3 simple steps, and get it back on your local machine in two simple steps.

Configuring your plain vanilla node-based Azure website

How to configure your Azure website, even when you're not using any of the standard MS tools like Webmatrix and Visual Studio

A HtmlHelper to help with cache busting

Make sure your clients always see the latest formatting and javascript changes after deploying a new version of your website.

NuGet package restore, your CVS repo and the UmbracoCms package

How to avoid including the /umbraco and /umbraco_client directories in your CVS repository when using the UmbracoCms nuget package

Getting at the files in an Umbraco package

Read about Umbraco packages and how you can get them to play (sort of) nice with your VS development environment.

Make your Sony Bravia TV play nice with jpg-files

How to make your Sony Bravia TV play nice with jpg-files made with PhotoShop, LightRoom or another professional image editing program.

Using MSBuild in umbraco projects

How to set up a deployment process for your Umbraco web application using MSBuild, and transform all config files for different environments doing so.

Using config transforms in Umbraco projects

Config transformations can be used to give the developers freedom to experiment, and ensures that any developer can deploy the project output to different environments.

Umbraco 4 team development

My take on what constitutes a good development environment for a team working on delivering websites with Umbraco 4.7